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Ghost Guns Builder Shirt

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American’s have been building their own unserialized and unregistered weapons since the foundation of our nation. Building your own rifle from an 80 percent lower receiver is a practice that stems from the 2nd Amendment of our constitution - and doing so without the government involvement is the idea behind “shall not be infringed”.

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Ghost Guns Builder Shirt Size ChargeShow your commitment to 80% lower builds with an official Ghost Guns shirt. The builder shirt is made from a premium signature 100% combed cotton, this super-soft fitted crew is instantly a favorite shirt. The x-large shrinks down somewhere between a large and x-large holding up to multiple wash cycles all while maintaining color and fit better than any other t-shirt in you've ever tried. 

Ghost builders make unregistered weapons at home from materials not considered firearms by our Government. We starts off with with a component that is pulled out of the manufacturing process before it's 100% completed. In the case of an AR15 Rifle the component is called a lower receiver - and unfinished it's commonly referred to as an 80% lower receiver. 

Despite popular belief that the Federal Government can restrict all gun ownership, unconstitutional laws like the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 can only regulate the transfer and sale of weapons. And so, making a weapon on your own, without the intention of transferring it or selling it is not prohibited by Federal agencies such as the ATF, because such laws would be a direct assault on our right to bare arms as Free Americans under the constitution.

Ghost Guns Builder Shirt