Pistols / Glock

Build a Full, Compact, or Subcompact Ghost Gun. Choose your 80% build by selecting one of the frames below in the desired caliber of your choice, then just add the jig, Glock® parts and Glock® complete slide.

All Glock products

G17 (Full 9mm)

G19 (Compact 9mm)

G20 (Full 10MM)

G21SF (Full 45 ACP)

G22 (Full .40 S&W)

G23 (Compact .40 S&W)

G26 (SubCompact 9mm)

G27 (SubCompact 40S&W)

G31 (Full .357)

G32 (Compact .357)

G33 (Subcompact .357)

G34 (Long Full 9mm)

G40CL (.40S&W Compact Longslide)

G43 (Single Stack 9mm)

G9CL (9mm Compact Longslide)