Polish Radom AKM47 7.63×39 80 Percent Receiver


Polish Radom AKM 7.62×39 80 Percent Receiver 100% Made in Poland w/ rails and center support installed, fully heat treated, and Black Oxide Finish.  Not for sale in New York or New Jersey.

Made on factory tooling, final operations, and assembly needed to accept parts kit.  Complete with the all new Ghost Gunner 3 and AKM tool set.

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80 percent receiver blanks, made in Poland, using original Polish Radom Military tooling and parts.  1.0 mm folded receiver comes full heat-treated with rails and center support factory installed with a black oxide finish.  Complete your 80 percent AKM receiver with our AK Tool Kit or pre-order the all new Ghost Gunner 3.

1.0mm blank
Fully heat-treated
Center Support & Rails installed
Black oxide finish