Sig Sauer P320 Compact Pistol Build Kit


Compact sized P320 Pistol Build Kit

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product description

P320 grip module
Complete Compact Sized slide
Black nitride barrel

The P320 Compact LPK includes:

  • Lightweight Adverse Trigger

  • Trigger Bar Spring

  • Trigger Bar Stop Pin

  • Trigger Bar

  • Sear

  • Sear Pin

  • Sear Housing

  • Sear Spring X2

  • Sear Housing Pin

  • Safety Lever

  • Safety Lever Pivot Pin

  • Takedown Safety Lever

  • Takedown Safety Lever Spring

  • Takedown Lever with O-Ring

  • Mechanical Disconnector

  • Slide Catch Lever Pin

  • ** Does not include magazine

  • **Does not include Sig P320 80% Frame (Chassis)