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Regarding the ATF’s New Proposed Rule on Receivers

The ATF has announced a proposed rule, 2021R-05, to regulate the 80% receiver trade by changing the definition of a firearm “frame or receiver,” and creating arbitrary and unlawful new standards for manufacturers and sellers. The draft publication will trigger a 90 day comment period for gun owners and members of our industry to provide their input.

Until further notice, nothing has legally changed about how “ghost gun” components and kits are sold online. Even after the 90 day comment period, there will be 60-90 days of ATF review and then more months before the rule becomes effective. This is not to mention the inevitable lawsuits which will be brought by the NRA, NSSF, GOA and Defense Distributed.

If you would like to help Ghost Guns oppose this attempt to infringe upon the Second Amendment, please donate to our partner organizations, and become a member of Defense Distributed’s fraternity LEGIO.

Once the proposed rule has been published in the federal register, we will provide more detail on the many problems with the proposed rules and give guidance to gun owners and members of the industry on how to submit effective comments.