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GhostGuns News: Defense Distributed® develops a new product for OEM Glock® Owners and Gun Shops

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On November 1st, Defense Distributed launched its newest product, the GG3-S™. At last, a fully-open and programmable table-top CNC machine for gunsmiths and home builders. The product will be available on

The GG3-S™ is equipped with a robust number of options for the builder, and features pre-packaged code for Glock® optic cuts and RMR-type footprints. This is a perfect product for enthusiasts, builders, and businesses alike. With GG3-S™, now *you* are the custom shop.

Pistol Kit and Glock® Owners

This is a big deal for Glock Owners®, Pistol Kit builders and 3D Printing community, who are accustomed to sending their OEM G17™, 19, & 26 pistols to machinists and having their slides modified for optics.  GG3-S’s™ new optic cut feature allows the user to become their own custom shop, as well as being able to engrave their slides with original designs. This becomes ideal for gun owners and gun builders, while eliminating expensive shipping costs, transfer paperwork/surcharges, and long wait times.  In addition to the RMR-type optic, slides can also be outfitted with custom parts such as slide kits and barrels.

Gun Stores and Pistol Mod Shops

The new RMR Cut feature makes the GG3-S™ a perfect revenue-generating addition for local gun stores and Cerakoters. With the GG3-S™, professional crafters will no longer have to contract the work to local machine shops. They’re  now provided the ability to modify a customer’s slide for optic-readiness within a few hours IN-HOUSE!  Many Defense Distributed Dealers are  excited for the opportunity to easily provide new RMR-type optics for their patrons while also designing unique promotions around a complete service package.    

More Good news on the Way

The creators of GG3-S™ promised routines and work holding for additional slides and optic profiles (RMS, Docter, etc.). Release is scheduled to begin  early Q1 of 2023 and throughout the next year.

Reserving your own GG3-S™ is easy. Just follow the button link below to our product page!