Optic Cut Kit


The Optic Cut Kit provides you with everything you need to perform an optic cut on your GG3 or GG3-S, including tooling and code.

At launch, the GG3-S can perform an RMR footprint cut on a Glock 17, 19 or 26 slide. Additional supported footprints and slides to follow.

Optic Cut Purchasing Information

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Note: your jurisdiction may require you to be a licensed FFL or licensed gunsmith to purchase this product.


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product description

Kit contents include:

  • Chip fan (x1)

  • Metal parallel (x2)

  • 5/32" 4-flute endmill (x1)

  • 1/16'" 4-flute endmill (x1)

  • 4-40 threadmill (x1)

  • 3/16" collet (x1)

  • 1/8" collet (x1)

  • USB with Optic Cut code

With Clamps:

C Clamp (x2)
Soft Jaw (x2)
Clamp Feet (x2)

M4x20 (x2)
M4x90 (x2)
M5x6 (x1)
M5x35 (x4)
T-Slot Nut (x4)
Insulating Washer (x4)
M4 washers (x4)

Note: current expected lead time for this product is 3 weeks.

Note: either GG3-S or GG3 with free firmware upgrade is required for optic cut.