Plastikov v4 Build Kit by The Gatalog


Everything you need to build a Plastikov v4.

Frame design by: IvanTheTroll

This product contains NO BUILD GUIDE

The Gatalog is the first corporate successor of Deterrence Dispensed. Owned and directed by Matt Larosiere, The Gatalog formed in 2021 to promote commercial kit designs for builds like the FGC-9. Though its license standards are regrettably corporate and closed source, The Gatalog today promotes upmarket parts kits conversions and has built a reputation for above-average documentation.

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product description

  • Ships within 5 business days

  • Requires 3D Printing

  • Kit includes:

    • 16" US 4150 Vanadium Nitride Barrel made by MOSSBERG

    • Head spaced: YES

    • Barrel Thread: 14-1 LH

    • WBP AKM47 Fixed Stock Rear Trunnion

    • Standard 7.62 Rear Sight + Smooth Dust Cover

    • USB containing IvanTheTroll Plastikov v4 files from The Gatalog

    • AK Retainer Plate Reinforced & 304 Stainless Steel

    • Trigger guard + spring

    • 7.62 chambered

    • Wood handguard set (blem)

    • Fire Control Group

    • Plastikov v4 Ejector

    • Mag catch assembly


  • Hardware Set:

    • 1x M3x50mm Socket Head Bolt (Selector Drum Reinforcement)

    • 6x M4x8mm Round Head Bolt (Ejector mounting, Trigger Guard Mounting)

    • 6x M4x10mm Socket Head Bolts (Trunnion mounting)

    • 2x M4x12mm Round Head Bolts (Trigger unit mounting)

    • 2x M4x40mm Bolts (Endcap Securing)

    • 1x M4x20mm Bolt (Endcap Securing)

    • 14x M4 Nuts (Trunnion, Endcap, Trigger Guard Mounting)

    • 2x M5 Nuts (Fire Control Pin Securing)

    • 2x M5x15mm Socket Head Bolts (Trunnion Support)

    • 2x M5x20mm Socket Head Bolts (Trunnion Support)

    • 3x M5x50mm Socket Head Bolt (Cinch Bolt)

    • 1x Screw for Buffer

    • 1x Buffer

    • 1x 1/8” Ball Detent

    • 2x 1/8” OD 1” L Spring

    • 2x #8 Locking Nuts

    • 2x #8 Standard Nuts

    • 2x #8 Socket Nuts

    • 2x #8x10.44" +0.000" -0.060" Threaded Rod (Pre-Cut)

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Plastikov V4

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May 23, 2024

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