Zero Percent Starter Kit


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Made in USA
GG3 Compatible
Precision machined clamp fixtures for completing GG3 Zero Percent AR non-receivers.
Includes all necessary bolts and tooling:

Clamp Kit:
C Clamp (x2)
Soft Jaw (x2)
Clamp Feet (x2)

Bolts and Tooling:
M4x2 (x2)
M4x90 (x2)
M5x6 (x1)
M5x25 (x4)
T-Slot Nut (x4)
Insulating Washer (x4)
1/8" Collet
1/4" Collet
1/4" Endmill (x1)
1/8" Endmill (x1)
1/8" Deburr (x1)
6ml Loctite 761 (x1)

USB with Zero Percent Code

Note: the Zero Percent starter kit does not include receiver components. Click here to
purchase Zero percent blocks and Build kits.

*Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.