AR-15 Grip Collection – USB


Files containing multiple AR-15 style 3D printable grips.

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product description

Collection contents:
* Balance Grips by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- A basic set of slim grips for the AR-15.
* Close Engagement Grips by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- A semi-swept back grip with a swell and straight backstrap. Grip length is roughly 102.5mm. Comes in 4 variants.
* Übertechnik Grip V1.1 by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- A grip that utilizes the palm pad on the Balance Mini Grip, but has been relocated to the front section, and has
been split into two separate pads. Has rounded backstrap with a straight front section.
* NU11 Grip by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- A basic design; with the grip width being thicker towards it's heel.
* PM-DTA Grips by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- Has a swept backstrap, with a concave frontal section. But(t) those aren't the *biggest* features. The grip starts from
the top at 22.3mm wide, and swells near its fat a- heel... to 29.3mm. Comes in two variants.
* V01D Grip by FFFTech/FFFTechnology
- A vast departure from the NU11 grip design, though having the same widened heel. Has finger grooves
to avoid slippage from one's hand, as well as ribs modeled into the grip's sides.

* AR15 Storage Grip by AWCY?
- An AR-15 grip with storage space.


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Textured AR-15 Grips 3mm & 5mm hole options

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Aug 22, 2020

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