FMDA Pistol Collection – USB by The Gatalog

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Files for the FMDA pistol collection by FreeMenDontAsk of The Gatalog.

The Gatalog is the first corporate successor of Deterrence Dispensed. Owned and directed by Matt Larosiere, The Gatalog formed in 2021 to promote commercial kit designs for builds like the FGC-9. Though its license standards are regrettably corporate and closed source, The Gatalog today promotes upmarket parts kits conversions and has built a reputation for above-average documentation.

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product description

Collection contents:

  • FDMA DD19.2

    • The FMDA DD19.2 is a 3D-Printable Glock 19 (compatible with Glock 23) frame. Based on the previous FMDA frames, this frame features a trouble-free assembly process (little to no hand fitting of parts required), a stronger, easier to install rear rail system (no more screws), as well as a P80-style grip angle while retaining compatibility with Glock/OEM style holsters.

  • FDMA DD17.2

    • The FMDA DD17.2 is a 3D-Printable Glock 17 (compatible with Glock 22) frame.

  • FDMA DD26.2

    • The FMDA DD26.2 is a 3D-Printable Glock 26 frame.

  • FMDA G43 SS80

    • 3D printable frame for the Glock G43 SS80 Pistol

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The FMDA DD17.2 3D Printable Glock Frame

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Jan 21, 2021

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