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GhostGuns Blog – GG3-S Product Release

Everything you need to know about the NEW GG3-S™ from Defense Distributed®!

The GG3-S Releases Nov 1st 2022


The new GG3-S™ Tabletop CNC Machine from Defense Distributed® hit the market on November 1st. GG3-S™ comes with an expanded list of features, enabling users to take advantage of a growing number of CNC applications. Some of these functions include: slide milling, engraving, customizing, milling gun parts and accessories. 

The GG3-S™ is perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy 3D Printing and Gun Building in the privacy of their home.

GG3-S™ Features

We developed a comprehensive list of the key features. These benefits highlight how this machine is a true upgrade from the previous versions:

Visit the product page for the complete list. 

  1. 4x increased table rigidity
  2. 17x greater low end torque
  3. Closed-loop spindle control firmware
  4. Channeling and chip sealing for steel
Upgraded Components in the GG3-S™

Supplementary Benefits of GG3-S™

There are a few reasons why we are so excited about the GG3-S™. First, is our new closed-loop spindle control, or VFD, firmware. VFD improves GG3 cutting power and precision, and is a vast improvement from all the previous versions of the machine to date.

This tabletop CNC is general use, fully-open source and fully-programmable. It can mill anything you want to make! The versatility is generated from low-end torque increases of up to 17x. This is noted across a variety of metals, including hardened steels. GG3-S™ is the only machine at its size and price that has the rigidity and power to cut hardened steel.  For gun builders, our website offers a complete list of GG3-S™ fixtures and starter kits for AR-15, AR-10/.308, and 1911 platforms.

Our  convenient software, DDCut™, allows you to work at the touch of a button. The offering of simple tools and point and click software, facilitates the ability to easily program a CNC.  Just install the DDCut™ software and get started. You’ll be up and running within 15 minutes with a simple touch of a button. Should you have any questions visit us at the Defense Distributed Support page.

New Feature

The added benefit of the GG3-S™ is that it now ships with a prepackaged code to cut RMR optic profiles into Glock® 17, 19 and 26 slides. 

Expensive optic cuts and other operations were previously restricted to high-end custom shops. With this machine, now *you* are the custom shop! 

The Machine will allow you to complete tasks like:

  • Enhancing your standard Glock® Slide with an RMR cut
  • Installing a red dot from manufacturers like

What’s To Come

We aren’t stopping here. Routines and work holding for new slides and optic profiles (RMS, Docter, etc.) will follow in early 2023. These will be available for the GG3-S™ soon. Completing your enhanced slide couldn’t be easier, especially with myriad options for slide parts kits and barrels.

Reserving your own GG3-S™ is easy. Just follow the button link directly to our product page!