Bootleg Panoramic Night Vision Goggles – USB


Files for the Bootleg Night Vision Googles by Just Call me Koko.

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product description

This is the BPNVG, generation 2. This uses the same internal parts as the gen 1, but has a more robust, more durable case.

This device requires:

  • Four Runcam Night Eagle 2 Pro sensors

  • Four biconvex lenses, 38mm diameter with a 50mm focus distance

  • Four Adafruit branded 2" Diagonal NTSC/Pal Analog screens

  • M5 bolts

  • 1/4-20 bolts and nuts for the mount (standard thread for nvgs)

  • Generic power cord of any variety

  • Generic battery pack of any variety

  • PVS-14 J-arm