Glock Individual Lower Parts


All of the individual Glock® lower parts available individually at a discount for you.  If you need a replacement piece or you just lost the individual part in the deep abyss, we’ve got you covered now.  Use the dropdown list and select what you need.

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The Following Parts Are Available:

Trigger with Bar (Smooth Shoe):  This is the OEM Glock trigger with trigger bar.  It is specifically for the 17, 22, 31, 34, 35 however we've also found it to fit the 19, 23, 32, 26, 27, and 33 with no issues.  The only difference we've seen is that the shoe is smooth instead of rigid.  We don't currently carry the rigid trigger shoe.  Manufacturer Part # SP00357

9mm Trigger Housing w/ Ejector:  The OEM 9mm Glock Trigger Housing with the ejector installed.  You can always tell if it's 9mm or .40/.357 as the ejector (metal piece) will be straight.  Manufacturer Part # SP00322

.40s&w/.357sig Trigger Housing w/ Ejector:  OEM 40/357 Trigger Housing with ejector installed.  This ejector (metal piece) will be slightly curved inwards.  Manufacturer Part # SP01896

Trigger Spring:  OEM Trigger Spring fits all models.  Factory replacement.  A tip we give people when installing is to make the open ends look like an 'S' when you're looking at it, then install into the trigger housing, then onto the trigger.  Manufacturer Part # SP00350

Factory 5.5lb OEM Connector for Glock:  Glock OEM replacement part, 5.5lb "standard" no marking connector.  This will work with all full, compact, and subcompact models.  This connector will not work with the 43.  Manufacturer Part # SP00343

Extended Slide Stop Lever:  Glock OEM Extended Slide Release (Slide Stop Lever), fits 9mm, .40s&w, .357Sig, does not fit the G42 or G43.  Fits 3 pin frames.  Comes with a black finish.  Manufacturer Part # SP07496

OEM Slide Stop Lever:

Trigger Pin:  OEM Glock Trigger Pin, Not for the G42 or G43.  Manufacturer Part # SP00420

Locking Block Pin:  OEM Locking Block Pin in black.  Fits all except G36, G42, or G43.  Isn't necessary for the Subcompact build of the PF940SC.  Manufacturer Part # SP04368

Trigger Housing Pin:  Glock OEM Trigger Housing Pin.  Doesn't fit the G42 or G43.  Polymer80 includes one of these as well in their 80% frame kits, it's a little longer than the Glock OEM pin so we include both with our lower parts kits and complete build kits.  Manufacturer Part # SP00427

Slide Lock:  Slide lock in Black, Glock OEM part.  Manufacturer Part # SP00301

Full Slide Lock Spring:  Full Glock OEM Slide lock spring fits 17/20/21/22/31.  It also works with the Polymer80 full frames but isn't necessary for the Polymer80 PF45 frames.  Manufacturer Part # SP05446

Compact Slide Lock Spring:  Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring fits 19/23/32, works with the Polymer80 Compact frames as well.  Manufacturer Part # SP02317

Magazine Catch OEM:

Extended Magazine Catch:  Extended magazine catch from Glock, doesn't fit G42 or G43.  Black in color.  Manufacturer Part # SP01981

Magazine Catch Spring:  Factory OEM Glock Magazine catch spring.  Manufacturer Part # SP00280

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